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Are you getting the best performance from your existing assets? When is the right time to replace a slot machine, probably the most expensive piece of equipment on the casino floor? What machine should be removed and what should it be replaced with? When you change the mix or layout does the revenue for the whole floor increase or are you just moving the same revenue around the slot floor? Without understanding customer behaviour and machine performance in the context of the whole slot floor these decisions are only guesses.

Trying to understand the interplay between machine characteristics, location, mix and customer behaviour is too complex for anything other than Artificial Intelligence.

Slot Performance and Capital Expenditure Decisions


Slot Optimisation

nQube, a related company, has developed Reel AI.

Reel AI™ is a powerful AI-guided optimization platform designed to find the best possible mix of slot machines to place on the slot floor, carefully tuned to the preferences and behaviour of players, as determined directly from player tracking data.

Reel AI learns the playing style of multiple player segments and discovers trends in the data to optimize both the content and arrangement of the slot floor.

Reel AI contains a novel dilution model, which models the supply of machines and the demand of players to accurately calculate the non-linear effects of adding or removing machines to a segment containing similar slot machines, and to the casino as a whole.

Understanding Commonalities


Segmentation Analysis

Core to Reel AI are AI-driven segmentation algorithms that segment both players and slot machines. Reel AI generates a model of slot floor utilization by player segment, machine segment, and time, and then optimizes the slot floor by matching the segmented player groups to their preferred machine categories by varying the mix and location of machines.

Both the player segmentation and slot machine segmentation technologies can be decoupled from Reel AI and used independently. This information can be used to better understand your player’s slot machine preferences, to aid in purchasing slot machines, or by slot machines manufacturers to create slot machines perfectly tunes to player’s interest.

It is important to note that, although nQube have focused on slot machine segmentation, nQube’s decision tree segmentation engine is data-agnostic, and can be used for any appropriate segmentation problem.

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