The Company


Experienced. Knowledgeable. Above all, specialist. These are three key attributes of international gaming consultancy Tottenham & Co, founded over 30 years ago by Andrew Tottenham, a board-level executive with several major international gaming enterprises who is widely acknowledged to be the industry’s most able and imaginative Gambling Consultant.


founded over 30 years ago by Andrew Tottenham

International Network

Today, Tottenham & Co has a global reach via its unparalleled network of contacts at the highest levels of the industry and government, ensuring that you and your business can access the individuals, the strategic insight, the guidance and the influence you require to fulfil your potential.

Global Knowledge

Sector Expertise

Our clients include both land based and online casino and betting operators as well as investors, private equity firms and debt providers. Our Gambling Consultants also work for other consulting firms, strategy advisors, lawyers, accountants, architects, national and local governments and regulatory authorities.

Breadth of Experience and Knowledge

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