Gambling Harms Quantified, But Can We Trust the Figure?
DraftKings-Entain, 888-William Hill: Two Acquisitions Evaluated
Algorithms and Integrity
Why did the German Interstate Treaty on Gambling take so long?
Silly Season M&A
What Is the Matter with Normal?
When Borders Matter
Artificial Intelligence Is Here To Stay, So Let’s Take a Deeper Look
A Perfect Storm
A New Beginning
Lotteries: How can they compete?
If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck ...
The More Things Change …
Caveat Emptor
Taming Risk
Careful What You Wish For
How Do We Decide?
Taking Life for Granted – the Development of Probability Theory, Part III
Taking Life for Granted – the Development of Probability Theory, Part II
Taking Life for Granted – the Development of Probability Theory
Integrated Resorts in Europe: Part Two
Integrated Resorts in Europe
Solutions need to solve problems
The U.S. sports betting industry needs to get smart!
Determining the value of a gambling business in an uncertain world
As the pandemic resurges, will gambling businesses survive local lockdowns?
A Question of Balance
Having friends: It will be a long haul
To sell or not to sell? The answer has to be no.
Can the industry speak with one voice about gambling addiction?
Opening Up for Business
What will the new normal be and what will it mean for the land-based gambling industry?
The ‘Let’s Make A Deal’ Problem Explained
Thoughts about COVID-19 and its impact on the industry
Do we really understand numbers?
2019: A Year in Review
Surveys and Research: Young People and Gambling in the UK
On the cusp of an election, the UK’s gaming industry braces for more change
Syndicates, algorithms, and beating the horses in Hong Kong
Industry concerns: public perception, excessive regulation, and eSports
AI and Gambling
October 31st is not just Halloween
Africa: Strong and stable
Europe: a snapshot
Weighing in on the slots controversy
Changes in gambling and gambling regulation in the UK – lessons learned?
Yes Minister!
Integrated resorts in Europe, take two
The Wisdom of Crowds
What is the Value of a Licence?
“At risk” players and the risk of competition
Sports Betting – A Golden Age
Decisions, Decisions
Skill or Chance – Is it legal?
Between a rock and a hard place
From Little Acorns
The state of gambling in Great Britain
Gambling on the Blockchain
Not everything in Greece is as straightforward as it appears
An update on events in Greece
Nobody Harmed
When success can be too much of a good thing
Skill Games – What Will It Take for Success?
An Alchemist’s Dream, Dust into Gold
Casinos Austria to have a new owner and possibly Codere too
A quick European tour
Thoughts from ICE 2018
Hellinikon, site of 2004 Summer Olympics, approved for Greek casino license
More Better Data, Please
If you build it, they won´t not come
Think before you legislate!
FOBTs: where on Earth did they come from? And why?
Come together: Consolidation is the name of the game
Bad times for gambling in Bavaria
A casino gaming revival is taking place in Paris
Why don’t integrated resorts seem to work in Europe?
Casinos in Italy May Be an Endangered Species
Fighting Money Laundering with Regulations and Due Diligence
It Might Walk Like A Duck, But Is It?
You can’t manage what you don’t measure
Backlash – The People Strike Back
Poking A Gorilla In The Eye With A Sharp Stick – DFS in America
Is It Just Fantasy? The Future Of DFS in Europe?
Wake up America!
AutoRek announces iGaming alliance with Tottenham & Co
When it comes to gambling European case law is an ass!
Ail Caesars!
We Need To Talk About Money Laundering
Where Next?
Does iGaming compete with land-based gambling?
Dire Straits
Why is it just so difficult?
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