Andrew Tottenham - November 21, 2018

Not everything in Greece is as straightforward as it appears

The publication of the RFP for the new casino license in the Hellinikon project in Athens has been delayed. It was supposed to have been issued last month, but the delay is not surprising given the complexity of this RFP…. [continue reading]

Andrew Tottenham - September 24, 2018

Why don’t integrated resorts seem to work in Europe?

Given the success that integrated resorts have found elsewhere in the world, I am often asked why they seem to fail in Europe. Integrated resorts often generate taxes, employment, in-bound tourism and the like. To be clear, an integrated resort… [see full article]

Andrew Tottenham -

Bad times for gambling in Bavaria

Results released recently by the Bavarian State Lottery Corporation, owner of Bayerische Spielbanken, which operates the nine casinos in Bavaria, show that only three – Feuchtwangen, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Bad Wiessee – are profitable. That profit totals around €8.3 million. Bad… [see full article]

Andrew Tottenham -

If you build it, they won´t not come

Guillermo Fernández Vara, President of the Spanish region of Extremadura, has recently proposed legal changes which would allow for fast track planning consents and lower gambling taxes for the development and operation of large scale leisure complexes – those with a minimum investment of €1 billion. These complexes could feasibly include hotels, spas, conference centres, […]

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When success can be too much of a good thing

What do Italy, the UK, Slovakia, Latvia, the Czech Republic and Australia have in common? Answer: they all have experienced a significant public push back against a proliferation of gaming machines. This is hardly surprising, given the extraordinary density of these machines in these jurisdictions, some of which have relatively small populations. Continue Reading

Andrew Tottenham - October 27, 2014

Where Next?

In the past decade the now large gaming companies have benefited enormously from the growth in the Macau market. What once was a $4 billion a year market has grown in a decade to over $45 billion in 2013.  Although there has been a slowdown in recent months due to a government crackdown, gaming revenues […]

Andrew Tottenham - August 26, 2014

Why is it just so difficult?

There have been, in the past few years a number of initiatives to develop large scale casino destination resorts. The success or failure of these initiatives is usually a matter of geography. In Asia they have, thus far,been hugely successful. I am not talking about the commercial success of the facility but of the initiative; […]