Andrew Tottenham - November 21, 2018

An update on events in Greece

Loutraki is not the only casino that has not been paying its staff on time. Apparently, the Porto Rio Casino in Patras, Greece has been delinquent in paying its staff due to low revenues. The staff have become so frustrated… [continue reading]

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Gambling on the Blockchain

Whilst at this year’s Global Gaming Expo I sat in on a talk entitled “Gambling on the Blockchain.” It was a fascinating look at how this emergent technology is being used in sectors of the gambling industry. I left the… [continue reading]

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The state of gambling in Great Britain

Each September, the UK Gambling Commission publishes its annual survey of gambling behaviour in Great Britain (not the UK). So September is the month when gambling operators hold their breath and gird themselves for the predictable media onslaught. Last year’s… [continue reading]

Andrew Tottenham - September 24, 2018

Hellinikon, site of 2004 Summer Olympics, approved for Greek casino license

The Greek Court of Auditors has approved the master plan for the Hellinikon project. This is the final piece in the puzzle allowing the Government to issue a tender for a casino license on the site of the former Athens International Airport. Continue Reading

Andrew Tottenham - February 10, 2016

Wake up America!

The Times, this morning, contained an excellent article about match fixing in Ancient Greece (now part of Egypt). In fragments of papyrus discovered 120 years ago but only recently translated due to the sheer volume of fragments discovered (over 150,000) was the details of the first evidence of match fixing in AD 267 in the […]

Andrew Tottenham - January 6, 2015

We Need To Talk About Money Laundering

The European Commission’s 3rd Anti Money Laundering Directive was passed in 2005 and we now have a proposal for a 4th one (AMLD4). This Directive could have a big impact on the casino and other gaming operations in Europe but I question whether it will be effective in reducing money laundering. Before going into some […]

Andrew Tottenham - October 4, 2014

Does iGaming compete with land-based gambling?

In the last couple of years there has been quite a debate as to whether iGaming competes with land-based gambling opportunities. This debate has been fuelled by various initiatives to legalise iGaming with both sides of the debate trotting out statistics to support their case. This article is a qualitative look at both activities and […]